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January 11, 2010

3 books I like

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“I am Meno. Elf of Space, here to visit human race.” It’s a preschool-aged book. It still makes me giggle.

A young woman running from her past moves into a creepy building where she becomes obsessed with building a door. Is it her latent OCD, is she going crazy, or is the building itself somehow influencing her? Langan reminds me of classic Stephen King–just plain ole’ good scary reading.

Three cousins set out from their hometown on an adventure that spans many many issues of reading goodness. I started reading Bone quite awhile ago. J owns a ton of the individual issues and the collections. We’re reading them now to the kiddo, who really enjoys them. This is graphic novel at its finest–a rollicking good read, compelling story, interesting characters, and a story arc that grows deeper with each issue.


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